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Cam Contacts Review

Reviewed: 1969-12-31
Quick site rank and complete review of Cam Contacts | Categories: Amateur

bronze rank
Our Rating: 80/100

Quality of Content: 18/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 9/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 3/5

Originality: 7/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: no

User Rating For CamContacts

User Rating: 52/100 - based on 60 votes.

Price & Payment Options

Individual pricing according to the model you choose, some are free.

Tour Promises brings people together from all over the world, exhibitionists and voyeurs alike. You will find people from all walks of life who have decided to "open up" their life to you. From college girls to company executives, you'll find live real time video broadcasts direct from ordinary peoples homes.

My Opinion About CamContacts

Cam Contacts was a bit different from the chat sites that I'm used to coming across, and it took me a while to discover just what it was all about. The fact is you can register for free, which is typical, but the difference is that some people charge a fee to view or chat person to person and others do not, and prices vary. What I was not able to find immediately were the fees for chatting up a chick, but of course, one eventually happens upon this information. Before I get to this aspect of the site, there are a few additional things that you might like to know about Cam Contacts.

First of all, this is an online community where there's a discussion forum, and you can talk to other viewers about general or technical things, a viewer-only forum and a chathost-only forum. I can't say that I liked the set up of the forum since I prefer to follow threads rather than posts, but it was easy enough. There's also a community chat, and you really need to be quick on the draw for that, but it can be fun and seems a lot friendlier than perhaps the message board. There is also a private messaging feature and an e-zine where you can sit back and read if you prefer.

Now, about the chatting - because this is why anyone really wants to join a site like CamContacts. I loved the features. You can find both adult and non-adult cams, and basically this means cam sex or no cam sex. Some people are looking for friends, some want a long-term relationship or marriage, and others want sex and more sex. There are girls alone at home and guys alone. There are straight people and gay people and TS and there's even fetish, dungeon, escorts and rub and tuggers. The important thing to note is that it's best to know English, since this site appears to operate in this language, although there are girls from various countries and particularly anyone from Europe probably speaks a few languages.

What I did not enjoy was that I could not find an account area. I know I have credits, but I'd have preferred to find out just how much I was spending anytime I chatted. When you click a section, you'll immediately find out who is online. Each person has a profile and if you read you'll discover pertinent details to make the chat go a lot smoother, such as common interests, likes and dislikes, and more importantly what chicks or dudes will or won't do. There are also cam captures so you can get a better or more rounded look at a person.

So what is this experience? I looked around a bit, getting the lay of the land, and some chicks were on my ass for a private in less than it took me to key in "hi". Even in the friends and family section! I seriously thought this site was different, but the more girls I talked to, the more I discovered that they were interested in only in my greenbacks or euros. I wanted to investigate more because I "got" the adult area, and could probably get these chicks in less time than it would take me to breathe, but I did not understand the "Friends and Family" area, which is what initially set this site apart from the typical. Are these girls looking for relationships, or is this another ploy for "pay to talk to me"? I turned down girl after girl in this non-adult section because girls would not tell me what they were looking for even when their profile specifically said "ask me", or "looking for nice romantic guy". I can see how anyone would get pissed off with these chicks looking for "friends and family" only to tell you they charge $1.96.

Finally, I talked to some Russian girls. TALK ABOUT SWEET! They want to listen, but also want you to pay, but they are willing to talk until you bring up what you want. Amazing chicks! I found a couple of girls that took my fancy as a "friend" willing to do more, 'cuz we all know they want to get it on, which is good. The Russian girls were polite and accommodating, and more importantly to me, intelligent (albeit not so great with English) and at least seemed interested in more than my wallet. Of course, there are plenty of ditzy nymphos as well, some couples willing to perform and even some lesbians will get it on for you.

Final Verdict

I found the site premise about an online community a bit misleading because adult and non-adult areas lead you to one-on-one sessions where you are expected to pay. The American girls are on a corporate whorehouse system and go after your pockets as soon as possible. The Russian chicks are AMAZING, though, and the Marxist community spirit has not left their blood, even if Stalin, thankfully has!

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